The Dig


Complete Recordings

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The complete studio recordings of Minneapolis' greatest-ever Mod heroes The Dig. Featuring some of the earliest songs and recordings of Ed Ackerson with his sharply attired cohorts Jim Ruiz, Mike Reiter and others, the CD is a blast of speedy teen energy and drum-tight pop tunes. The 19 tracks cover the band's evolution from snarling punk three-piece to hard soul, Hammond-fueled quartet. Extensive liner notes and photos are included as well. Features the original Susstones singles "Trains", "Problem With Mary" and "Mr. Nobody", now fully re-mastered.

Track listing:
1. Trains
2. Problem With Mary
3. Susstones Commercial #1
4. Live for You
5. Making Time
6. Mr. Nobody
7. Send It Through the Post
8. Pulling Out the Stops
9. Scene Queen
10. Today You're Gone
11. Susstones Commercial #2
12. Put Me Down
13. Party Line
14. I'm All Over
15. Pulling Out the Stops
16. I Love Love
17. Baby don't Do It
18. Pain In My Heart
19. Road Runner

Produced by Ed Ackerson
Executive Producer: John Kass
A Susstones Product. 2002-10 All Rights Reserved.