Faux Jean


Dead Lover


Faux Jean returns with a vengeance with their new album "Dead Lover". One of the most anticipated Susstones releases, the album is full of beautifully crafted rock tunes that are perfect for blasting out of your hi-fi this or any Summer. Contains the singles "I'll Waste Away" and "Drunk and Stoned".

Track listing:
1. I'll Waste Away
2. Drunk and Stoned
3. Unintouch
4. My Gift for You
5. Sugar Sure Is Sweet
6. Lachrymal
7. The Ballad of Kim and Thurston
8. Your Leitmotiv
9. Pisces
10. File It Away
11. The Moon Is A Dead Lover

Produced by Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis.
A Susstones Product. 2002-03 All Rights Reserved.



The debut album from ace Minneapolis garage-pop heroes Faux Jean, now available in deluxe expanded form on Susstones. Contains the entirety of the band's "Kiss Life on the Lips" e.p., newly re-mastered and expanded with an additional three studio recordings. As a special bonus we've tacked on nine four-track home demos to lend insight into the band's method and madness. Deluxe packaging includes a six-panel booklet with lyrics. With a total of 21 tracks and a running time of over 60 minutes, Nature is a great introduction to this band. Contains the singles "Nature", "G-a-go-go", "Chartreuse Skirt" and "The Race-Baiting Jailbait Race".

Track listing:
1. Nature
2. Hey!
3. Kiss Life on the Lips
4. Patisserie
5. Flight of the Bumblebee
6. Tuesday Scene
7. G-a-go-go
8. Mrs. Jean
9. Chartreuse Skirt
10. Oh Rene!
11. The Race-Baiting Jailbait Race"
12. The Last of the Last of the Super-Secret Stash

+9 bonus demo tracks:
13. Faux Jean Int'l/Cinder-Block Sock Hop
14. Burning a Hole
15. Worth Waiting Forever
16. Mrs. Jean (demo)
17. Her Movie
18. Girlfriend Again
19. Patisserie (demo)
20. Tuesday Scene (demo)
21. Faux Disco

IMCD1200 A Susstones Product. 2002-03 All Rights Reserved.