The Melismatics


Turn It On EP


Minneapolis indie-popsters The Melismatics are unleashing their third CD release, 'Turn It On', for Susstones Records. This EP contains five brand-new songs, including the singles 'Waves of Sound' and 'You're My Habit.'he euphoric energy of the band, well-known from its live shows and New Infection album, is cranked up and focused in creative new directions. On 'Turn it On' the Melismatics' trademark hooks and crunch are enhanced with playful, experimental electronic textures and a darker, more pointed lyrical approach.

Turn It On was produced by Ed Ackerson (Polara, Golden Smog, Limbeck) at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis. On the new EP Ryan Smith (vocal, guitar), Mark Wade (vocals, bass), and Ron Caron (drums, percussion) are joined by new Melismatic Kris Johnson (guitar). Kris, who has played with numerous bands including The Tide and Attention:, brings a unique set of indie rock influences and technical wizardry to the Melismatics. His contributions have helped push the intensity of the band's sound to wicked new levels. The Melismatics will be touring nationally in support of the new EP this fall and winter.

Track listing:
1. Waves of Sound
2. You're My Habit
3. This Is Not My Life
4. Automatic (Get That Feeling)
5. Nervous Wreck

New Infection


Those searching for the meaning of Rock in 2003 need look no further than New Infection by the Melismatics. A swaggering, super-tight pop band fronted by the twin-guitar assault of Ryan Smith and Jeremy Ylvisaker, The Melismatics take their own modern vision and sterling hooks and tumble them around with the best aspects of the classics. While reference points stretch from Big Star, Husker Du, The Kinks, and Supergrass, to Kraftwerk and AC/DC, the catchy and euphoric noise of Melismatics is theirs alone. The band has been sharpening its skills through its exciting, unpredictable and dangerous live shows, and that energy explodes out onto the album. Like great Minneapolis bands before them, The Melismatics create a refreshing mix of energy and hooks, irony and heart, weirdness and melody.

Bonus material:
This CD also contains the video for "New Infection", photos and more. To access the bonus material, just pop the CD into the CD-ROM drive of any modern Apple or MS-compatible computer.

Track listing:
1. New Infection
2. Right Where You Belong
3. Transfixed
4. The Hard Way
5. I, the Undersigned
6. Disconnected
7. Hate to Say It
8. (Let's Get) Sublimated
9. Paying for Gas with My Credit Card
10. Aphasia
11. Don't Believe It
12. I Saw You on TV
13. Together We Will Be