Mercurial Rage



$9.99 Deluxe CD

Track listing:
1. Star **
2. F.F.F
3. Gotta Girl
4. Robot Love
5. Uphill Climb
6. Theresa, Theresa
7. Shimmer
8. The Witches of Soho
9. Sad
10. Water Under the Bridge
11. Cascade

Deluxe CD package includes full-color eight page booklet with lyrics and photos (limited to first pressing only)

Produced by Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis.
IMCD1217 A Susstones Product. ©2009 All Rights Reserved.


Mercurial Rage have been experimenting and growing for the last couple years, constantly developing their smart, infectious, danceable sound. Inspired by the finest exponents of electronic pop's first Golden Age (think Depeche Mode, The Cure, plus dance-rock bands like Happy Mondays and Primal Scream), The Rage have added their own totally unique lyrical stamp and melodic personality. Building on their previous short form releases, the band is now ready to present their first full-length statement, Cascade.
Formed by writer/bassist Chris Hill and singer Michael Grey, and soon joined by guitarist Brandon Dalida and Brock Specht on guitars/synths, The Rage have completed their lineup with White Light Riot drum powerhouse Mark Schwandt. Their previous releases (Susstones 3-Sided Single, the self-released Funeral Sessions EP and a self-titled EP on MPLS Ltd.) show a band with a fully-formed yet constantly-evolving sound. Cascade finds the band operating at a creative peak, a perfect mixture of collaboration and concept realization.

The band started the record out with a clear idea of its mood and sound. Bassist / songwriter Chris Hill: “The title Cascade existed before some of the songs on the record were written. It’s really a metaphor for the rapid flood of emotions that surround heartbreak. It’s a break-up record. The songs are about the different types of loss and the varying consequences of each.”

This all sounds rather heavy for a band that's well known for its high energy hooks and deceptively wry sense of humor. However, Cascade is full of the Rage's most cohesive and catchy songs yet. There's plenty of fun to balance the melancholy moments. Songs like “Uphill Climb” and the title track may be mournful and yearning; others bring the Rage sound to new heights of dance-rock energy (see “F.F.F”, “Theresa, Theresa” and the ultramassive hit “Star**”). Again, Chris Hill: “Our style is pop. I grew up loving British new wave music. The sadness meshed with danceable pop inherent in groups like the Smiths certainly has had an influence in the type of music we create. However, there should be fun in what you do, or what’s the point? We had a lot of fun making this record and I think that shows through in the end.”

That fun Hill refers to took place on and off over the last year at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis. Producer Ed Ackerson worked with the band to make a record that lived up to the quality of the songwriting and also the band's burgeoning live power. Mercurial Rage's stage experience has helped the band evolve into a weird, wicked live rock and roll machine. Cascade benefits from this group-oriented approach with harder grooves and more dynamic arrangements than ever before. Dalida and Specht both bring their indie rock sensibilities to the guitars and keyboards, helping break the record out of traditional electro and into a living, 3D soundscape. Grey, Dalida and Hill have all contributed to the writing process this time, making a record that is diverse yet thematically cohesive. Hill: “As we were working on the record we always referred to it by its name, Cascade. It sort of had its own personality from the beginning. Still, it's not all heavy handed and morose. There exists a sense of fun and humor in the record as well. While we take our craft seriously we certainly don’t take ourselves too seriously. We know we are making entertainment. I hope we are entertaining.”

Nobody will doubt that after hearing Cascade and witnessing one of The Rage’s explosive live shows!