The Mood Swings



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Susstones IMCD 1218
UPC/EAN: 789577121829

Ashley Ackerson: guitar, vocals / Sallie Watson: guitar, vocals / Ed Ackerson: bass / Mike Reiter: drums

The third album from The Mood Swings, featuring "Crush", "Who Said", and the title track.

Rock is the commodity in which the Mood Swings trade. Despite today's “soft” market, they've created their hardest, happiest and most uncompromising record yet. Sweet hooks, searing guitars, megawatt production and sharp-witted lyrics are this band's tools. All-stops-pulled pop action is the result.

Guitarists / vocalists Ashley Ackerson and Sallie Watson have been perfecting their fuzzpop craft over two previous releases (Come On Tell Me and No Limit, both also available on Susstones). For Recessionista, a tighter new lineup and evolving songwriting process led to a varied and top-notch bunch of tunes.

Produced by Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis.

1. Recessionista
2. Crush
3. Who Said
4. Generation Y
5. Phases
6. Let's Go
7. It's a Cryin' Shame
8. Nothing New
9. No Place to Hide
10. It's So Easy


No Limit


No Limit is the follow up to the band's Come On Tell Me album. In the year or so since that previous release songwriters Ashley Prenzlow and Sallie Watson have been sharpening their pop knives, crafting the kinds of jagged riffs and persistent, catchy melodies that are unexpected from a relatively new band.

The first six tracks show the Mood Swings at their fuzz-pop finest, hummable but hard-hitting. The second half of the record travels back through the looking glass with a series of highly creative (and just plain fun!) remixes by some of the Mood Swings' local electronic pals.

Tracks 1-6 produced by Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis. Remix tracks produced by remix artist.

Track listing:
1.) Simple Things
2.) Face The Music
3.) Identity
4.) Want Need Love
5.) No Limit
6.) You Had It All
7.) No Limit (Ruby Isle remix)<
8.) Want Need Love (Dalida remix)<
9.) Identity (Knobby remix)<
10.) Face The Music (DJ Christian Fritz dub remix)<
11.) Simple Things (Zeus Jones evolution of rock mix)<

Come On Tell Me


Come On Tell Me is the debut album from the Mood Swings, featuring the stand-out tracks "Finest Line", "Dropped the Ball", "Knocked Down" and "Stir It Up".

Track listing:
1.) Finest Line
2.) Generation Y
3.) In A Pinch
4.) Hey!
5.) Knocked Down
6.) Come On And Tell Me
7.) Stir It Up
8.) Dropped The Ball
9.) I Don't Need You
10.) Fool's Paradise
11.) Doing What I Do Today