Oblivion and Points Beyond


Ultra-groovy instrumental Big Beat / 60's heavy R&B / freak-out side-project from Polara's Ed Ackerson. A great modern record for fans of swinging soul organ sounds, stinging psychedelic six strings, and earthquake white cross beats. Features the college radio singles "Parralaxagram" and "Your Stupid Car".

"Sparkly pop gems, retro-delic and Hammond-licious!"
- Ink 19

"Neither revivalist nor real Sixties record ever bumped like Oblivion"
- City Pages

Track listing:
1. Chase Halt
2. Oblivion and Points Beyond
3. Emerson High Street
4. Your Stupid Car
5. A View of the City from an Airplane
6. Armchair McGuinness
7. Message from Mota
8. Parralaxagram
9. Rails for Days
10. Falling Out Your
12. Lights Out!

Performed and recorded by Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio, Minneapolis
Additional guitar on track 11: Paul Kolderie
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