Two Harbors


Make It Alright EP


Make It Alright is a concise, consummate display of the kind of songwriting, performance and production that have made Two Harbors a standout on the vibrant Minnesota music scene. The new EP is a logical progression from All the Places We Would Rather Be, the band's impressive 2009 album which yielded the local radio hit “You Pulled the Rug Out”. Writing as a collaborative unit, the band once again tracked the songs live at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis without the aid of headphones or click tracks. Paring their sonic palette to a minimum (no acoustic guitars or keyboards this time) and working again with noted producer/dreampop pioneer Ed Ackerson (27 Various, Polara), Make It Alright exemplifies a perfect harmonious relationship between artist and producer. The EP’s panoramic soundstage, dramatic dynamics and sonic luminosity are nothing short of breathtaking. Features the local radio breakout singles "Lately" and "Blue Door", the chiming and spacious "Free Now", plus the band's excellent version of the Smiths classic "This Charming Man".

Track listing:
1. Lately
2. Blue Door
3. Free Now
4. This Charming Man

Produced by Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis.
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All the Places We Would Rather Be


Originally known as Colonial Vipers Attack, this Minneapolis dreampop band returns with a new name and a tighter, grander sound on their second album, All the Places We Would Rather Be. Although proud of their first album, this time out the band was determined to make a record that captured its live spirit and depth. A few foundation decisions were made: The tracks would be recorded live in one room as complete performances – no click tracks, quantizing, or other technological skullduggery. The band would write and arrange the songs as a group, working together to focus the dynamics and enhance the hooks. And, to help oversee the recording process and provide “big picture” assistance with the songs, they would work with a producer from start to finish. To this end, Pavlich contacted producer Ed Ackerson (Pavlich: “I had wanted to work with Ed for 15 years, and we finally got the opportunity to with this record”). The band convened at Ackerson's Flowers Studio in Uptown, a studio purpose-designed to record bands playing together, and set about creating their most vibrant recording to date.

Two Harbors has a spacious, widescreen sound, heavy at points, gentle at others. The group of songs that make up the new album are by far the catchiest the band has come up with. The songwriting has evolved in new directions and nuanced in new dimensions. Pavlich as a vocalist and lyricist is earnest yet gritty, and a sense of melancholy and loss pervades even the more uptempo tunes. The rhythm section of Grider and Bergo can float or sting with equal accuracy, and Johnson's searing guitar atmospherics add color, sparkle and menace to the mix throughout. The interplay between the band on the live tracks shines through, complementing the moods and emotions of the singing, pushing the songs ever further into the pop stratosphere. All of the band members have played in groups for years (Pavlich in Divorcee and Spring Collection, Grider in Faux Jean and Work of Saws, Johnson in the Melismatics and Attention, Bergo in Attention and the Stereo). Still, the chemistry here is unique. The honest, organic vibe of this combination of musicians has led to an album made by real musicians communicating together in real time.

Track listing:
1. You Pulled the Rug Out
2. What I Keep Inside
3. If I Had Eyes
4. Right Now
5. Drowning
6. So Wrong
7. Only Chance
8. Silent Treatment
9. Landslide
10. Will I Ever Find Out
11. Went So Far

Produced by Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis.
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